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Austin Helms & Derek Thornburg teamed up to launch Ease Plumbing in 2019 with the Griffin Brothers Companies

With the average age of a plumber being 55+ Austin Helms and Derek Thornburg teamed together to create the most unique plumbing company in the US! Thornburg (43), has been a plumber since he was 15 years old and holds an unlimited plumbing contractor’s license in NC, and Helms (25) has unlimited ambition for this employee-owned plumbing business!

Ease Plumbing was founded on creating the best environment for plumbers to enjoy their work, which in turns creates superb customer service. We believe in giving our plumbers the opportunity to become owners!

In 2019, Helms and Thornburg teamed together with the Griffin Brothers Family to launch a best-in-class plumbing company. Ease Plumbing was founded on providing the best customer service while also giving plumbers the opportunity to become owners!

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